Mabe Kennels


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AKC Name: Mabes BB King

Call Name: BB

Color/Markings: Liver



Coming Soon

AKC Name: Mabes Miles Davis

Call Name: Miles

Color/Markings: Liver

AKC Name: Mabes Geddy Lee

Call Name: Geddy

Color/Markings: Black and White

AKC Name: Mabes Buddy Rich

Call Name: Buddy

Color/Markings: Liver Roan


AKC Name: Sir Ruger Von Baxter The

Call Name: Ruger

Color/Markings: Liver


AKC Name: Mabe's Mad Man Malcolm

Call Name: Malcolm

Color/Markings: Liver

Sold Owner: Ashley and Chuck Calument City, IL

5 Time Customer


AKC Name: Dustys BC Dreamaker

Call Name: Tea

Color/Markings: White and Liver Patched and Tick


AKC Name: Mabe's Edgar Winter

Call Name: Edgar

Color/Markings: White

AKC Name: Mabe's Johnny Winter

Call Name: Johnny

Color/Markings: White


AKC Name: Mabe's Jimmy Hendrix

Call Name: Hendrix

Color/Markings: Liver/Roan


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